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Sample Messages

H4 Dreamer

"I came to this country in 2008 on a work visa, and brought my family along with me on dependent visas. Because it takes 70 years to get a green card issued, I am deeply troubled to learn that my child will struggle to get good higher education or a job, and probably be forced to self deport herself when she turns 21. For someone who only associates herself with America, and been a law-abiding resident for 17+ years, this is not fair in any manner to her."


"In 2010, I graduated from Purdue University with a Masters in Computer Engineering. Because of my academic success and research work, I was immediately offered a job at Oracle Corporation. I was fortunate to get an H-1B visa, because of my skills and work, my employer eventually sponsored my employment-based green card petition. I am proud to work for Oracle. The green card backlogs significantly limit my ability to innovate or create opportunities, hence creating American jobs, at my employer."

H4 Spouse

"My spouse and I came to the US in 2009. While I came on a Work visa, my spouse came on a Dependent visa that did not allow her to work. She holds a Masters degree in Finance from a prestigious institution in India, and being entrepreneurial, she wanted to start her own business. Unfortunately, the banks turned down financing because of our visas. They deemed we were too risky to do business with because she was on a Dependent visa and our status was uncertain due to the green card backlogs."


"I graduated with a Masters degree in Economics from Cornell University. Although I was offered employment in Canada & United Kingdom, I decided to stay in the United States because I felt this country had become home to me. Luckily, I got a Work visa that enabled me to work and stay legally. I believe I can use my skills to start campaigns that can make American families plan their finances and future better. I am saddened to learn that the green card backlog puts me on the sidelines."


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